Turbo Charged Engines With Eight Speed Dual Clutch Transmission

Turbo Charged Engines

With Eight Speed Dual Clutch Honda Transmissions

Honda Motor Co recently launched number of new vehicles and these vehicles have downsized engines to suit their latest market. These new vehicles come with an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. The idea behind these vehicles is to bring to customers better performance without losing fuel efficiency. As per the company’s latest plans, Honda Motor Co. will convert its gasoline engines to turbo engines to the maximum possible level. The new engines will use turbo charging with direct injection mode.

Honda’s variable valve timing system will also enjoy improved performance and better fuel efficiency. The world’s leading motor company has to make this shift to match its competitors. Honda is closely watching the customer trends in the US and modifying its vehicles accordingly. These new engines will however be available to the public only in the year 2016. The downsized turbo engines will be launched in North America and Asia. From the available information it is not clear which are the vehicles that will use the downsized new engines. All that the company is ready to reveal is that the new engines have the potential for a wide range of vehicles.

As far as the Honda transmissions are concerned, Honda is moving from seven speed dual clutch unit to eight speed dual clutch transmission. The eight speed transmission will give the users with better fuel efficiency. The company promises an 8% increase in the fuel efficiency and 10% increase in the acceleration performance. The eight speed Honda transmissions are combined with torque converter. Honda promises that this will reduce the jerky start up that is common with dual clutch transmission. The changes announced by the Honda Motor Co. indicate a major focus on the vehicle transmission next to the engine changes. While we wait for the vehicles with new engines and eight speed dual clutch transmissions, which are expected in 2016, here is a learning for all the vehicle owners. Your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and performance are very much linked to the transmission system. It is important to maintain your vehicle transmission regularly. Pay attention to the warning signals sent out by your vehicle and do not wait for the complete breakdown of your vehicle. By regularly attending to the minor transmission problems in a timely fashion, you can save yourself from unnecessary problems. Take your vehicle to a Honda transmissions service provider periodically and get your transmission system checked completely.

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