Super Car Will Not Use Manual Transmission Again

Super Car Will Not Use Manual Transmission Again

Currently super car enthusiast still believe speed manual transmission is much better than the automatic. But in the future, the manual transmission is believed to be missing from sports cars and even a super car will also use an automatic transmission.

“It will always be a market for the (transmission) manual in Europe as long as the law allows them,” said Paolo Mantelli which is an Italian company bosses transmission, Oerlikon Graziano said from just-auto on Monday  04 Juli 2011.

“But it is interesting that we are now being asked to design AMTs (manual-automatic transmission) that does not have a manual option,” he said.

From their research, Mantelli said that if the automatic transmission has a lighter weight and smaller so less space consuming than the automatic transmission in the engine.

“The need for the (transmission) manual will disappear at the end of the supercar market, we have just introduced three new transmission for vehicles that do not have the manual option,” added Mantelli again.

Companies that dipimppin Mantelli, Oerlikon Graziano is a company which supplies transmissions for the last car Lamborghini Aventador and able to make it accelerate to the speed of 100 miles per hour below 3 seconds.

Now some models of super cars have started using the manual-automatic transmission as Superleggera Lamborghini LP 570-4, Lexus LFA, Supersports Bentley Continental and Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS. Thus, the current supercar was actually no longer using pure manual transmission.

Well besides the weight and size and ability, the price of an automatic transmission was by Mantelli increasingly cheaper thanks to a growing population. Thus, it is not possible in the future all cars will use this transmission considering practicality and ability.

“It is inevitable that this philosophy will increasingly be reflected in a lower cost segment,” he said.

Mantelli convey the opinion that this is not the first time out. Last year the manual transmission has also been predicted to perish, given that most sold cars – especially in America – are the cars with automatic transmissions.