Transmission Diagnosis: What’s Wrong with My Transmission?

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Today’s Automatic Transmissions use a variety of sensors on the engine and throughout the car, along with a computer system that control its functions. Most computer-controlled transmissions use a TCM (Transmission Control Module) however; some systems use a single computer for both the engine and transmission control. These are commonly referred to as an ECM (electronic Control Module).

It’s common today to have over a dozen separate control modules communicating through a network; all sharing information about the operation of the car. Because of this sophistication, there are a lot of sensors and control modules that play a role in transmission operation.

This means problems with your suspension, lighting system, or even something as innocuous as a malfunction in your radio can cause a problem with your transmission.

That’s why it’s important to have these systems check by a trained transmission technician anytime you think you might have a transmission problem. Many times it turns out not to be a transmission problem at all but something else in another system; something far less expensive than a rebuilt transmission.

So, you have a transmission that’s not shifting right? We will be happy to check your car’s computer systems and find out why.